Philip Carter Winery Vision


Our Vision Statement

At Philip Carter Winery we are passionate about our pursuit of excellence in wine, customer service, and commitment to being a socially conscience company that strengthens the community in which we live.

We believe Philip Carter Winery can – and should – have a positive impact on the community it serves. So it is our vision that together we will elevate our wine educators, customers, suppliers and neighbors to use our position as a community center for good to promote a gracious way of life through wine, the arts and culture.



We have partnered with a number of organizations who share the same concept of sustainability that we do. For us, sustainability includes being environmentally responsible and proactive, but it also means contributing positively to the community, and preserving the beauty and character that is Virginia.

philip carter winery sustainability


Philip Carter Winery Virginia Green Program

The program is essentially a recognition of the natural beauty of Virginia, with our membership meaning we make thorough and concerted efforts to reduce and control our environmental impact. From basic things like recycling and limiting our use of resources to deeper things like looking for renewable, environment-minded replacements for products and services we use, environmental impact is always a high consideration.


Now one of the most effective community-based environmental groups in the country, PEC works with the citizens of our nine-county region to conserve land, create high-quality communities, strengthen rural economies, celebrate historic resources, protect air and water quality, build smart transportation networks, promote sustainable energy choices, restore wildlife habitat, and improve people’s access to nature.

Philip Carter Winery Fauquier Wine Council

As the founding members of the Fauquier Wine Council, we agree to commit ourselves through this Code of Conduct to business practices that promote sustainable wine-growing, using best practices to guide farm wineries in producing wine in an environmentally-sensitive, socially responsible manner, in order to benefit families, employees, communities and the rural economy.

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