Wine Club Discount Day! November 10th - Corotoman Day

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Wine club members, join us this special day for exclusive discount! Offer valid for wine club members only. For more information on membership, click here!


One of the colonial Virginia’s most important houses, Robert “King” Carter’s Corotoman (circa 1725) stretched an impressive 90 by 40 feet along the banks of the Rappahannock River in Lancaster County, Virginia.  Graced by an arcaded piazza, a second-story gallery and multiple pavilions, Corotoman signified Carter’s position as Virginia’s wealthiest, most powerful tobacco planter.  Carter stocked Corotman’s cellars with the finest wines and claimed the most impressive wine cellar in the New World, but lost some 900 bottles when fire destroyed the mansion in 1729.  In remembrance of this historic homestead and wine cellar, we offer a special discount on all bottles of Corotoman wine to wine club members.