Philip Carter Winery Team


Evy Patti<br>(née Papadopoulos)<br>General Manager

Evy Patti
(née Papadopoulos)
General Manager

Evy Patti (née Papadopoulos) is a third-generation active participant of the thriving Virginia wine industry.

Evy graduated from George Mason University in 2014 with a BS in Marketing and Communications. With over ten years' experience working in the industry, Evy is thrilled to be a part of such an innovative and award-winning business such as Philip Carter Winery.

Outside of PCW, Evy can be found supporting the hospitality and tourism industry of Virginia by sampling local restaurants, experiencing neighborhood bed and breakfasts, and most satisfying of all, enjoying the local and varied wineries.

"Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized." - Andre Simon

Cortoman<br>Philip Carter<br>Winery Mascot

Philip Carter
Winery Mascot

Cortoman (our American Mastiff) is named after the estate of Robert "King" Carter, who owned over 300,000 acres in Virginia during the 1700s.

A true Virginia Gentleman, Cortoman is a gentle giant that is kind, strong, and loyal. He is dressed in a magnificent brindle coat and presents with a regal presence. In the tasting room, he welcomes each guest with gracious, Virginia hospitality.

As a steward of the vineyard, he protects the landscape and oversees with care each vine on the Philip Carter estate, and in the cellar, whether it's steel or oak, he stands tall to guard each vessel's most precious contents; namely, fine Virginia wine.

Fairfax<br>Philip Carter<br>Winery Mascot

Philip Carter
Winery Mascot

Fairfax (our Shih Tzu) is the little princess of the winery. A happy and playful companion, she welcomes guests to the winery with joy and a refreshing energy for life.

On any given day in wine country, it is not uncommon to find her hiding in the vineyard for a game of hide and seek or chase with her buddy Cortoman, or just relaxing on the patio as she overlooks the rolling vineyard and magnificent Blue Ridge Mountain views at Philip Carter Winery.

She is a lovable little friend and a true blessing to the winery and the Philip Carter family.