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Philip Carter Winery Serves Up a Taste of History

By Dulcy Hooper For Middleburg Life

No matter which path one follows to reach the Philip Carter Winery in Hume, it’s a feast for the eyes – rolling hills set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, lush vineyards, meandering roads and picturesque fields dotted with red barns and outsized bales of golden-hued hay.


Virginia’s wine history dates back to the early 1600s, when the first English settlers in Jamestown were buoyed by optimistic hopes that Virginia would become a major source of wine for the British Empire. In 1619, they signed into law a requirement for each male settler to plant and tend to at least ten grape vines, the wine of which could be shipped back to “mother England.”

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TripAdvisor.com Reviews

“Philip Carter Winery”

Philip Carter Winery a Virginia Award winning winery with a spectacular selection of white wines. The optimal location experienced staff and beautiful weather made for a great 4th of July celebration. If you are in the northern Virginia area make the trip and consider the wine club… excellent value.

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1762 – National Wine Review

National Wine Review – 1762

At dinner’s end we opened another of Philip Carter’s new releases – the 1762 Port (v. 2010) – which is named for the year in which Charles Carter’s American wines were proclaimed to be “good wines” by an influential society in London. The 1762 is produced in the fortified style of a true Port from the Chambourcin grape, a French hybrid variety grown throughout Virginia and prized for its intense purple color and flavors of black cherries and plums.

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Facebook Reviews

Some of the best Virginia wines I have tried in a while. We were a little apprehensive about coming here after a pervious tasting at a different establishment up the road left a bad taste in our mouth– both literally and figuratively. The staffer who did our tasting was very accommodating and knowledgeable, answering most of our questions about the winery, the grapes, and history. We were impressed with the sweet venue and loved the family friendly style of it all. We will be back! – Shannon-Mae Connors

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