Nestled in a quiet part of the Virginia Piedmont, there lies an area that is imbued with history and nature. Called horse country, wine country, and hunt country alike, this is a special place for connecting with our American heritage. What better way could there be to immerse yourself than to experience the landscape by horseback and to take in the culture at an award-winning, historic winery. Thanks to a blissful union between Bright Morning Horseback and Philip Carter Winery, this very opportunity now awaits you.

Philip Carter Winery Bright Morning Horseback wine country horse rides

A Truly Unique Destination Experience in Virginia’s Wine and Hunt Country

Connect with Bright Morning Horseback for a horseback ride to and from Philip Carter Winery, home of the first officially recognized bottle of wine sent from the New World to England. The ride takes you six miles round trip along a gravel road that dissects a 5,000 acre farm that has been put into conservation easement. Once there, enjoy a group tasting led by Philip Carter Winery professionals, or treat yourself to a VIP package that includes a tour and picnic among the vines.

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About Bright Morning Horseback

Bright Morning Horseback specializes in offering unique equestrian experiences. Wine Country Rides enable you to enjoy the beauty of the Piedmont Region from horseback and to taste wine made by one of the founding families of American wine. Philip Carter Winery boasts a picturesque vineyard and award winning wines for you to enjoy after a leisurely horseback ride to the winery. Virginia is America’s horse and wine country, so why not enjoy the best of both worlds at once?

Bright Morning Horseback is located:
Near Sky Meadows State Park.

For more information, please email
or call (540) 454-8804.

About Philip Carter Winery

At Philip Carter, our history is wine. Our future is to promote a gracious way of living through wine, food & the arts. We invite you to escape with us up to Virginia’s wine and hunt country for a day of wine and horse riding. Cheers!

Philip Carter Winery is located at:
4366 Stillhouse Road
Hume, VA 22639

Philip Carter is open seven days a week, year-round with extended hours in the summer.
For more information, please email
or call (540) 364-1203.