Wine Club Discount Day! March 23rd – Rosewell Day

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Wine club members, join us this special day for exclusive discount! Offer valid for wine club members only. For more information on membership, click here!

On March 23rd, we celebrate the 293rd anniversary of Rosewell.  Located in Gloucester County, Virginia, Rosewell estate was built in 1725 by Charles Mann Page and Judith Carter Page, sister of Charles and Landon Carter.  At 12,000 sq feet, Rosewell stood as the largest and costliest mansion in the colony.  Thomas Jefferson was a frequent and welcome visitor at Rosewell, and it is said that Jefferson wrote a draft of the Declaration of Independence in what is now known as the “Blue Room,” a room situated on the northwest corner of the second floor.  In 1916, Rosewell was destroyed by fire, although it remains as beautiful historic ruins today that are open to the visiting public.   In remembrance of this historic landmark, we offer a very special discount of Rosewell wine to wine club members.